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Managing Work-Related Road Safety - The Benefits

The true costs of accidents to organisations are nearly always higher than just the cost of repairs and Insurance Claims. The consequences of an accident on small businesses are likely to be proportionately greater than on a larger business with greater resources.

The benefits to you from managing work-related road safety can be considerable, no matter the size of your business. Oul>

  • It allows you to exercise better control over costs, such as Wear & Tear, Fuel, Insurance Premiums, Legal Fees and Claims from employees and third parties.
  • It also allows you to make informed decisions about matters such as Driver Training and Vehicle Purchase and helps you identify where Health & Safety improvements can be made.


    • Fewer days lost due to injury
    • Reduced risk of work-related ill health
    • Reduced stress and improved morale
    • Less need for investigation and paperwork
    • Less lost time due to work rescheduling
    • Fewer vehicles off the road for costly repairs
    • Reduced running costs through better driving standards
    • Fewer missed orders and business opportunities, so reduced risk of losing the goodwill of customers

    And of course:
    Compliance with HSE Legislation on Driving at Work