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Part Three - Instructional Ability

  1. explain the controls of the vehicle.
  2. moving off.
  3. making normal stops.
  4. reversing into a limited opening to the right/left.
  5. face the car in the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears.
  6. park close to the kerb.
  7. the use of mirrors, and stop the car in an emergency.
  8. approaching and turning corners.
  9. judgement of speed and make normal progress.
  10. general road position.
  11. dealing with road junctions.
  12. dealing with cross roads.
  13. dealing with pedestrians.
  14. meeting, crossing the path of overtaking and allow adequate clearance for other road users.
  15. give signals correctly.
You will be taught the method, clarity, adequacy and correctness of instruction, observation and correction of driving errors and the proper manner in which to instruct.

Part 3 will consist of five days instructional tuition.

Day 1 & 2

The first part of the course will consist of the introduction to part 3 and how to impart knowledge to the pupil i.e.: role play question and answer technique feedback remedial action diagrams objectives level of instruction briefings phase 1 & 2

Day 3, 4, & 5

The second part of the course will consist of in-car tuition with one of our instructors playing the role of the pupil, in which you will act as the instructor.

Phase 1 - instruction given to beginner
Phase 2 - instruction given to a trained pupil

At the end of this course you will be up to the required standard for you to take the driving standard agency part three examination.