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Part One - Theory

You will receive questions to test your ability on the following:
  1. the principles of road safety in general and the application in particular circumstances.
  2. the techniques of driving a car correctly, courteously and safely, including control of the vehicle, road procedure, recognising hazards and taking proper action, dealing with pedestrians and other road users.
  3. the knowledge required to instruct a pupil in driving a car, including the items set out in (b) above, the correction of the pupils errors, the manner of the instructor and pupil, and simple vehicle adaptations for disabled drivers.
  4. the Highway Code and other matters in the booklet in which it is publicised.
  5. the book "Your Driving Test".
  6. the interpretation of the reason for failure given on the examiners failure sheet.
  7. knowledge adequate to the needs of driving instruction and of the mechanism and design of a car generally.
  8. all official manuals issued by the Department of Transport and the D.S.A.