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A Career As A Driving Instructor

Passing a Driving Test is an important milestone in anyone's life. As a Driving Instructor you will have the opportunity to meet different people and to share with them the excitement, apprehension and sense of achievement , as they master the techniques of driving. The greatest reward is to see them pass their test thanks to the guidance and advice that you have given them, being a Driving Instructor also gives you more freedom and independence, than most office or factory based jobs.

As a self employed Driving Instructor you can either work on your own and accept the responsibility of being fully independent, or you can choose to work with the support of the driving school under a franchise fee.

In 2004 over two million people will take their driving test, and this figureis increasing every year. Government legislation is now introducing a far more stringent test, one aim of which, will be to encourage pupils to take lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor.

As with all worthwhile aims, their are costs and training to complete, but it is our genuine belief that here at Carmyle we have the experience and dedication to enable you to achieve your goal.